Paul Vu

Paul Vu

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Website Concept Statement

Welcomed to the website, you should feel that you are on exploration to find something, but still unaware of what that is or what it may be. Perhaps it may come first instinct, but after navigating the composition of the layout, it should start to click in that you are at a photographers website. Opening with a topographical map, this will hopefully hint at the outdoor state of a lifestyle. Unlike the food, architecture, or portrait website layouts that have a simpler clean look, I want to prepare the clients with a more rugged feel before they perceive the images. Perhaps the home page will capture their time more than it should, but hopefully not any longer than the time it would take to see all the images/time spent needed to explore the rest of the website.

The biggest asset of the website being photos, the simple text should layout links to images viewers would like to see. Navigation being easy, scrolling through images (left or right), images will portray a nostalgic feel. Although having all components necessary for answering easy questions such as Contacts, Email, etc., I don't want clienteles to feel lost or have to navigate to the same place more than twice.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good/ Bad Website

Design features:
Text: text is easy to read. there isn't much at all, so text is very simple and straight forward. lots of free space where text can be placed

Navigation: only 3 other links to navigate on website. very easy use, but i feel it is not enough (besides clients).

Links: Link for direct email as well as agency to stock images. portfolio link does not work. about link feels like a stack of busy work that is overwhelming for someone who doesn't have a portfolio on their website.

Graphics: logo is horrific, small, and doesn't not correlate to anything on the website besides that its a logo of a camera not rasterized. images are not quite appealing, and there is lots of negative space that can be used to share her profession.

General Design: There is not much of this site that i would recommend to someone else. This site actually makes me upset about this persons profession and their priorities.

Notes: Purpose is to propose this individual as a photographer. a Professional site that will help you navigate you to their images and style, which seems to have failed.

Design features:
Text: Type is simple and readable. white font which stands out and will catch the eye

Navigation: appealing and forward. you have a pop-out menu to the left that will help you navigate to other link of what your are possibly looking for (portfolios, contacts, etc). when not out the image that is currently displays is shown nice and large. you can also click on the image to move on to the next image, but you also have arrows down below the image to help you navigate to the next image.

Links: links run vertical which make it easier to read and navigate considering they run down in the pop-out. when finding the link you want, the menu drops down to more specific links for more descriptive work if thats what you're looking for, or would pleasure of enticing yourself. there is an easy email link down below that will open a email browser which helps for contacts.

Graphics: there is a initial abbreviation logo at the top left that stands a little stiff but is only available when the pop-out is popped out. images are large and display a great identity of what the photographer likes to photograph.

General Design: the website is easy to navigate and appeals more that the first website. the pop out menu helps, as well as the drop down menu, and also saves space. the time it takes for something to load is also very nice considering some have a dial that shows you how long it takes and sometimes you just can't wait forever.

Notes: considering the first website, this website takes things to a whole different level. website is appealing, informative, and makes you want to spend some time navigating the site.

Design features:
Text: type is slim and appealing, easy on the eye, very spacious making the readers eye flow easier. there is not much text, but it is enough to sell the website, and not the text concern.

Navigation: appealing and forward. text adds to this attribute because of the words used (based on seasons) which can help viewers navigate and find what they are looking for. as your mouse scrolls over the images, arrows pop up to scroll from the next image or go back to the other images which is helpful.

Links: link run vertical which make it easier to read and navigate considering they run down, you don't have to scroll your mouse left to right which can take longer than running up and down. the link below that run left to right aren't as important but are helpful to have.

Graphics: no logos or graphics. site title has a shade of black which adds to the site, but doesn't stand out. there are other graphics that stand out that will link you to other sites such as twitter and facebook which are a nice attribute to have. if considered a graphic to the site, his images are nice and big, and for a photography website, that is what you want to see and expect.

General Design: this is very successful site that is simple and can be very light for viewers to handle. images are handled well and keep you intrigued and make you want to see more with the help of seasonal links for easier choice of preferred photos.

Notes: the purpose of the site is to describe the photographer and the field they are in. in this case a outdoor lifestyle photographer helps you navigate through outdoor activities by the depicted seasons they would be practiced in. this helps very much for clients who want to depict a certain image and are looking for a photographer to hire.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Skills Inventory

Name: Paul Vu
Department: Bachelors of Photography
Are you Graduating this Quarter? Nope
If not, current graduation date by Quarter/Year: Winter 2011
Online Social and Professional networks: Facebook, Myspace, Wordpress, YouTube
Website URL (if already developed):
What software experience do you have? (explain all that apply)
Photoshop: CS4 with principle functions
Fireworks: None
Illustrator: Used in the past, not one of my primary softwares I use
Flash: None
Dreamweaver: None
HTML: None
InDesign: Used in the past, not one of my primary softwares I use
Other: iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband
Tell what your objective for the class to the best of your knowledge: to learn whatever i can that will help me build a professional site so i don't have to depend on a web designer.
Learn iWeb? I have no experience with this.
Publish web site? looking to be able to handle a website on my own and not have to rely on someone else when updating portfolio and information
Revise and update current site? the only thing I am currently updating is my other blog. I have been thinking about a website for a long time, but haven't come around to making one.
Begin the process of a professional web presence? I have only built a web presence with networking and blogging little info, but more with photos.