Paul Vu

Paul Vu

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Skills Inventory

Name: Paul Vu
Department: Bachelors of Photography
Are you Graduating this Quarter? Nope
If not, current graduation date by Quarter/Year: Winter 2011
Online Social and Professional networks: Facebook, Myspace, Wordpress, YouTube
Website URL (if already developed):
What software experience do you have? (explain all that apply)
Photoshop: CS4 with principle functions
Fireworks: None
Illustrator: Used in the past, not one of my primary softwares I use
Flash: None
Dreamweaver: None
HTML: None
InDesign: Used in the past, not one of my primary softwares I use
Other: iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband
Tell what your objective for the class to the best of your knowledge: to learn whatever i can that will help me build a professional site so i don't have to depend on a web designer.
Learn iWeb? I have no experience with this.
Publish web site? looking to be able to handle a website on my own and not have to rely on someone else when updating portfolio and information
Revise and update current site? the only thing I am currently updating is my other blog. I have been thinking about a website for a long time, but haven't come around to making one.
Begin the process of a professional web presence? I have only built a web presence with networking and blogging little info, but more with photos.

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