Paul Vu

Paul Vu

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Website Concept Statement

Welcomed to the website, you should feel that you are on exploration to find something, but still unaware of what that is or what it may be. Perhaps it may come first instinct, but after navigating the composition of the layout, it should start to click in that you are at a photographers website. Opening with a topographical map, this will hopefully hint at the outdoor state of a lifestyle. Unlike the food, architecture, or portrait website layouts that have a simpler clean look, I want to prepare the clients with a more rugged feel before they perceive the images. Perhaps the home page will capture their time more than it should, but hopefully not any longer than the time it would take to see all the images/time spent needed to explore the rest of the website.

The biggest asset of the website being photos, the simple text should layout links to images viewers would like to see. Navigation being easy, scrolling through images (left or right), images will portray a nostalgic feel. Although having all components necessary for answering easy questions such as Contacts, Email, etc., I don't want clienteles to feel lost or have to navigate to the same place more than twice.

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